Dear All:

We are all members of the large extended EVWARAYE family of Okpara-Inland Ethiopia East local government, Delta State, Nigeria. History tells us that Osia, a grand son of Okpara, led a group from Isiokolo to found Okpara-Inland. Osia street was named in his honour.
Uwedjeri was the first the son of Osia. Uwedjeri grew up in the town, and he was a reputed warrior who could stand his ground against other warriors from across the Urhobo land. He began to play important roles in the affairs of the town. It was he that signed a treaty of “Protection” on the behalf of Okpara-Inland people with the British government on the 27th of November in 1894. He was a giant of his generation.

Uwedjeri married seven wives. The diagram below lists the first son of each wife. EVWARAYE was said to be the first son of Uwedjeri.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.00.40 PM

EVWARAYE himself married many wives and had forty to forty five children. This means that we the offsprings have forty-forty five uncles/aunties. Unfotunately all the direct EVWARAYE children are dead now,the youngest of them (Mr. Ikpesu Evwaraye) died in 2001 only seventeen years ago. Sadly, they carried away their wealth of knowledge about the EVWARAYE family. Did we ask our uncles/aunties the right questions? Do we know enough about our Patriarch EVWARAYE that we can pass on to our own children?The offsprings of these EVWARAYE children (these are the first cousins)are numerous and scattered all over the world. We have a high powered pedigree. While we all answer the same EVWARAYE name, we barely know one another.
I therefore invite you to participate in information gathering about the cousins and their families. I set a deadline of JUNE, 2019 for you to provide your information to this site. At the end of information gathering, I will write a book about us with a suggested title “The EVWARAYES Of Okpara-Inland”

Please go to the menu and register to provide your information. The information required include:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your father’s/mother’s name and date of death
  3. Your fathers/mother’s brothers and sisters (same mother)
  4. Education and Profession
  5. Where resident (in Nigeria or in diaspora)
  6. Your marital status
  7. Your children’s names, education and their professions
  8. e-mail address in case we want to contact you for this project.

I assure you that the information you provide will not be found in Face-book or You-Tube. And I will not collect information about you from face-book. The information will appear only in the book of the EVWARAYE’s.
I am trusting that you will participate in this survey. Do not be left out.

Best Wishes, Your Cousin

Professor Andrew Oteku Evwaraye.

Any suggestions you may have to improve this project are encouraged and are welcome.(aevwaraye1@Udayton.edu)